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Commercial Services

California Pooper Troopers is the leading pet waste removal company catering to a wide range of commercial properties in Palm Beach County, FL. With a dedicated team and exceptional services, we make it our mission to create clean and hygienic environments for apartment complexes, HOA's, restaurants, hotels, and more. Our professional and friendly staff swiftly eliminates pet waste, ensuring that these spaces remain pristine and fresh. By partnering with California Pooper Troopers, commercial property owners can enhance the overall appeal and cleanliness of their establishments while providing a safe and pleasant experience for all patrons and visitors. Our service is ALL-INCLUSIVE so there are no hidden fees, unlike other pet waste removal companies - we remove the pet waste, spray down the area, deodorize/sanitize the area and haul away the pet waste.

Our innovative pet waste removal company specializes in installing pet waste stations in targeted areas, ensuring convenience, cleanliness, and peace of mind. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with pet waste, as our dedicated team takes care of regularly replenishing the pet waste bags and tirelessly emptying the main waste bag, leaving you with a spotless space. With our expertly maintained stations, pet owners can now enjoy worry-free walks with their furry companions, knowing that California Pooper Troopers is committed to making your community a cleaner, healthier place. Join the growing number of satisfied customers today as we work towards a cleaner, greener Florida, one poop at a time!

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